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Weaning Mommy From Her Nursing Diet

“Yes, I’d like a cheeseburger, side of fries and…,” pausing casually like I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, “a coke.”

From day one of nursing twins I ate myself silly. Those few days in the hospital following their delivery were as nice as any resort vacation. Breakfast wheeled to MY BED, a tray full with a bagel, oatmeal, eggs, bacon, a doughnut, cup of coffee and apple juice, I was made in the shade. Of course I wasn’t going to sleep a wink for the next six months, so I enjoyed every moment of digging in. Food, glorious food.

A nursing mom’s appetite is no joke. Insatiable. Ravenous. Non-discriminating. I want food and I want it now dictating every move. Never missing a meal or a snack or a midnight snack or a bedside snack, nursing was full of endless calories and hours of munching. Jaw open jaw closed, over and over.

To my friends who brought us dinners, thank you. For those who brought a huge bag of cookies. Many, many thanks. Often I could eat an entire “family meal” by myself. But, gosh, it did feel wrong. Not so much because of nutrition purposes, but because there were other people in the house to feed.

But nursing is what it is. It’s a process of a mom’s body producing food for another belly. So you eat for yourself and for your baby… and if you have two babies, you’re eating for the other one, too.

Nursing moms, you know what I mean. A friend recently told me Blue Bell ice-cream became her best friend. I get that. No one understands you like that of the soft, sweet, cool comfort of some Blue Bell ice-cream.

But every good thing must come to an end.

Weaning your baby from nursing can be emotional. The babies like their little routines. It’s hard to say “no more, sweet baby,” but when mommy decides it’s time, it’s time.

So, ending morning nurses was the hardest for us. To cope, we whisk the babies from their cribs and place them in their high chairs, ready with bananas and water, before they can even show their disdain. Turns out the babies are resilient and adaptable, though. The new plan is underway and we’re all adjusting to the new norm.

this is an understatement. the real challenge was seven oreos vs. water.

That is everyone but me and my relationship with our pantry. I still hear sweet whispers from the oreos, a special calling from sweet, sweet Coke. A bag of Doritos still seems swell and that bottle of full-on Ranch dressing still makes its way onto most every vegetable I have willed myself to eat. Now, of course, any one of these things in moderation is great! But, let’s just say this nursing mom’s diet has created a few habits that need to be redirected.

To, say, carrots.

Or more water.

So, if you’re out there, still fully committed to your nursing diet even though your nursing is at a bare minimum if not completely over, here are some ideas for us to consider in making the transition back to normal-land.

Like a mom weans her baby slowly (but surely), we will conquer our new healthy diets.

But, like every baby, there may be a few tears. As in, oreos soaked in tears as we choose to throw them away instead of eating 3…4…5….6….7…(ok, that’s enough confessing!) before bed.

Sigh, the new plan:

Identify the habit. It’s 9/10pm, TIME FOR A SNACK. Back in my nursing days, I needed this snack to fuel the night.

Respond to the habit in a new way. It’s 9/10pm, TIME FOR BED. For the sake of weaning, instead of grabbing a bag of peanut butter m&ms for this pre-bed snack, perhaps a big ‘ole glass of water will do or a few carrots.

Know your weakness. I cannot go to Chik Fil A without getting fries. I see no reason in the world to go there and NOT get the fries. Don’t get it at all. So, I’m not going to go to CFA two times a week anymore. No, it’s a weakness.

Choose whole over processed. My husband is successfully eating a paleo diet these days. He’s so great at it. I quietly eat oreos in the pantry while he eats a green apple publicly in the living room. The truth is, eating an ice cream cone next to the guy who’s eating frozen blueberries is less satisfying. Not because I feel bad or guilty (’cause i really don’t!), it’s because the fruit actually is better tasting in its whole and natural form. Less bloating afterwards, too.

Like a little baby being weaned, there is something better on the other side, it’s just new and different.

I believe baby needs every single calorie you take in while you’re nursing. Don’t worry about fitting into those jeans too soon! Be wise in your decisions, but don’t deprive yourself. Ain’t nobody got time for a cranky mama!

Tonight I am beginning my weaning from the oreos. Walking towards the kitchen… do I go right or left. To the pantry or the faucet. Oreos or water.

Here I go…………….


9 thoughts on “Weaning Mommy From Her Nursing Diet

  1. Good luck! I actually didn’t eat much more than I normally do when I was nursing my twins, but I was always thirsty. I just kept busy and ate several small meals like cereal or soup to keep me going (oh and candy, I love my candy). Then again, I didn’t really eat more when I was pregnant with them either (in fact definitely less from 37 weeks on since I could barely keep anything down from the pressure). Good luck 🙂

      1. Awesome! It goes by so fast doesn’t it. Good for you on the nursing. I only breastfed for 9 months, I went back to working full time when they were 11 months.

  2. You can do it! You’re running again – that’s great! BTW, a big ol’ glass of water and a few carrots does NOT replace peanut butter m&m’s…just sayin’ 😦

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