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Generosity Overlooked

Like any new workout routine or eating plan feels at first, the generosity project brings its own aches and pains. If you’re not really a generous person, but you’re trying, then you’re likely to be really sore by now. This next exercise is designed to be more like a nice, long stretch (as opposed to… Continue reading Generosity Overlooked

Character Building · Christian Thoughts · Mommy Talk · Uncategorized

When Your Empty Light Shines Bright

I often find myself confronting a crossroad. A faint glimmer of red unearths itself for only a moment before it slips away. Back again, a drift of red appears and disappears. Soon returning again, this time a little more sure, lingering a little longer. Winking at me ever so slightly. I smile shyly back at it, knowing it… Continue reading When Your Empty Light Shines Bright