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Why I’ll Never Make it Big

I have the rare fortune of spending a month with my family every summer. My man takes a trip to the Holy Land and does incredible work there while I stay stateside and do my part. My first summer with him away I about died. Newly married, desperate daily to have him back, I stood in his closet to smell his clothes. The next year I was preoccupied a bit more because I was pregnant, the next year I had a baby, the next year I had a baby and was pregnant, and this year I have three beautiful babies as that bless-ed pregnancy was with twins.

Having quality time with family and friends is very good for my soul. It leads to laughter over old memories and new thoughts from fresh conversations. Like the one I had last night with my brother in law, James. We like to think and laugh about potential business ideas. Why we gave up on some ideas. Why we think some could still work. James’ ideas seem more likely to actually happen where many of my ideas have stayed locked inside my head. Though, last night he asked the million dollar question. “If money was no object, what business would you start?”

“Well, I’d want to be writing a well-read blog.”

So, we proceeded to spend the next half hour amidst dinner preparations, child interruptions, laughs with my sister, and brief moments of disciplining for slamming the door too hard, to discuss why something, with zero start-up costs, could not be a possibility for me.

I rattled off my answers a little too confidently and quick. As though I had had this conversation with myself a thousand times and determined it impossible at the conclusion of each one.

  1. Nothing new to say. I mean, really, how many mom blogs are out there? I don’t want to just add to the noise.
  2. Who would read it? I mean, besides my mom? I’m convinced that’s what moms are for – for you to always have an applauding audience.
  3. It wouldn’t make any money. Writing a personal blog is like raking your own yard or picking up your own groceries. Takes a lot of time and personal energy and you’re glad when it’s done, but it also is a lot of work.
  4. I’m kinda a nobody in the scheme of things. Sure, I am quite popular with my kids and a few friends and family make me feel like i’m hip and happening, but I don’t have a celebrity tie or shark investor willing to launch me to the next level.
  5. I don’t have the time. Successful bloggers are writing daily, right? I’m lucky to write once a month. And once a month in Internet-ville is like taking a spoonful out of the ocean every day hoping to empty the whole thing in a year. Every crevasse of the web gets filled right back up each second of every day. Once a month is not going to cut it. 

Again, admidst the noise and chaos of six children stirring around and four adults trying to get dinner served (thanks, Mom, for doing the cooking), I ended up hearing only two things. One was that I sure was offering up a bunch of excuses. And the other was the look on James’ face as he kinda tilted his head with a look of disagreement, “There’s always room for one more voice.”

So, if that’s true, if there is room for one more voice, then I have to think about this. One more voice in this day and age demands something worth voicing. There is so much out there, so many articles and headlines and quizzes and games that it’s like… what were we all doing before words with friends? Have we replaced fortune tellers with the silly buzz feed quizzes?

But, in the rare occasion that someone reads this on a regular basis (besides my mom), could it actually make a tiny bit of difference. In the way they think, in the way they see themselves. In the way they enjoy their own children?

The bottom line is that the difference between the people out there “making it” and me is that they’re out there doing it. And I kinda feel like I’ve got a pretty big celebrity backing me, one who could do some serious damage (in a good way) and actually one who I would credit for anything ever said that was helpful in someones’ life… Jesus. He’s kinda like a really huge, supernatural, life-altering, King of storytelling, spirit-lifting, grace-giving, soul-enriching, and he’s-coming-back-again big deal.

So, I’m writing for Him which may translate into something for you. And maybe, just maybe, something about the way He created the way I am, the way I think, the way I live will be encouraging.

Do you have an idea? A vision? Something you want to do…but you have a really convincing list of excuses not to try? I think we’re a lot alike then, and it’s time to leave our excuses in the trash.

The reason I would never make it big is because of me. Stopping before I even get to the hurdles. Making excuses that may or may not be truth.

So, I’m just gonna move me out of the way and try something new. No more excuses.

Who’s with me?

Stay tuned for my next post on parenting: 

what to do when all you want to do is scream.



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