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When the Missiles Hit Home

Do you ever get the feeling that the world’s falling apart right now? Missiles back and forth between Israel and Gaza, Malaysian planes shot out of the sky, hundreds left dead, families left only to mourn. Painful diagnoses of friends and friends’ kids and the word cancer now being heard more often than I’d like. A story here, a story there of horrific things happening to young children, with a miraculous sprinkling of stories of babies surviving after being found on the bottom of pools.

And all this not just on the news, but from friends that I know. A lot of the stories in my life are hitting closer and closer to home as we hear from people the trials happening in their lives. We can’t do much to help. So, we pray and pray for healing and miracles and beg the Lord for the better ending instead of the lesser one. We wait and watch, and a lot of times, prayers are not being answered over night. Or seemingly so, not to us.

Recently, on the day Chris was heading home from Tel Aviv, he texted to tell me missiles were reportedly headed his way. I quietly stood in my multi-colored eighth grade-painted room at my parents’ house and texted my go-to prayer warriors to pray for a safe departure for him. Within minutes, Chris was shutting down his phone for take off and the next day he was in our arms.

He dodged a missile. And though he left at the right time, the war continues and many are currently still feeling the painful impact.

The more I think about it, the more I feel a calling for those of us, who are being spared a missile right now, to pray. To be the encouragers, the prayers, the givers, the supporters for those in need. Empathy at its very best should propel us to encourage. Though we may stand in what feels like the center of a whirlwind of painful stories, trials and tribulations, we have to look up, step out and realize that there is a season for everything. And if this is your season of missiles dodging you, then it is your season to support, encourage and love those around you who need it.

There is no story that is ever fully over. We are all in the midst of many stories being lived out and it’s our opportunity to be a part of someone’s story, to walk along with them, share in the burden, give when we can, or simply sit down to listen.

Our family is currently in a sweet spot. We have food on the table enough to feed five mouths, three times a day. We have warm beds, an air-conditioned home, we are healthy and most days we have a moment of laughter and silliness. I will be the first to say, that we are aware of the goodness of this season, and will not miss it nor take it for granted.

1623196_10154455864475192_3593180068987333378_nSummer days and sweet popsicles. 

10513539_10154452828905192_5216619613828590549_nThis little guy took his first steps last week!

10557248_10154438723065192_8102523212323930495_nDad has things completely under control.

With it, though, comes a responsibility to lift up the friends in our lives who are living heavy days. Waiting and wondering how things will turn out along with them. We believe in the Lord to whom we pray, and we beg for the Lord to show His mercy on many of our friends right now.

This world that seems to be falling apart is still being held intact by its Creator. May we take a moment each day, no matter how light or heavy our load, and find something that declares his glory, the beauty of his creation, the relief that comes with knowing that the weight of the world does not rest on our shoulders.


As someone who has watched every plant die under my care, these summer blooms serve as a reminder that things are completely out of my control.

We are praying for those who are hurting, for those who need healing and celebrating with those who are basking in the joy of answered prayer. Life, in all its glory, has much to be offered, learned and shared. If the missiles have hit home for you right now, know you are not alone. There is hope and we are praying.


2 thoughts on “When the Missiles Hit Home

  1. All this is true, so we keep on praying and the Lord will answer in his time. Can’t wait to see all of you in September. Love & miss you Nonna/Beej

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