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Yoga, Freezing Hands and February 14

{I have found in the world of social media and blogging that by simply reading or seeing how someone does something in their own lives, I am inspired to try something new. So, this is what’s been happening around here lately.}

To begin, my husband and I celebrated a most wonderful Valentine’s Day together. Chris’s Mom (Gigi) came to stay with the kiddos – which they loved! – and we set off for some yummy Japanese food. Because it was the night before Valentine’s Day we made reservations and arrived promptly at our reserved time of 7pm. As we piled in like sardines into a much too-tiny waiting area for a rather tiny restaurant, Chris and I had to laugh as each person walked in. To the hostess, they said, “Emily, reservations for 7pm.” or “Steve, reservations for 7pm.” or “Sam, reservations for 7pm.” All of us who stood there waiting, watched as the underwhelmed hostess casually scratched a name onto a pad and paper and didn’t make eye contact with anyone. We smiled knowingly at one another and then at the newcomer as if to say with our eyes, “us, too. Get in line.” The place had an underground feel. Inviting but exclusive, with little room overhead and tables tucked so closely to the other, that anti-socials would not enjoy. We waited our turn and eventually, after losing track of time, our name was called. We snuggled into a booth in the back corner and we proceeded to eat the best sushi and japanese food we’ve ever tasted. Best part? I was across from this guy. My valentine for the past 6 years. Or is it 7?


The next day was our twin sons’ 2nd birthday. Oh my word, we had the time of our lives, if I do say so myself. We went to the source of their latest obsession and visited a railroad museum in Pennsylvania. Pure joy from our two boys all day long.


Then we rounded out the weekend with a small birthday party with family. Side note: this was the first time in four years we’ve had family close enough to drive over for an afternoon birthday party for our kids. It was a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling for all of us.


And that was Valentine’s-Birthday weekend. We continue to thank God for the double blessing of twin sons. We prayed for one and we received two. We are eternally grateful and daily in awe of God’s gift to us. Even when we are changing two poopy diapers or lifting two toddlers into two car seats or cleaning up after two spirited eaters. We don’t take it lightly. Each one of our babies are a gift.

Moving on! It’s freezing here in New Jersey. I don’t know how other people do it, but I stay indoors with the kids and attempt an outing only if the benefits far outweigh the cons. Because we spend so much time inside i have been adamant about keeping the TV off and using our brains and imaginations to push us through the hours. Some times are easier than others, but as a rule we don’t keep the TV on at all. It means the kids read lots of books, play with trains, help me with laundry, learn to take their plates to the sink, make more messes, take more baths. TV is easy. But it’s been worth the extra effort to see my kids interact (even if they’re fighting) or using their imaginations to try something new.

Again, on the rare occasion we go outside, we remember why we don’t go outside. Huge, happy smiles slowly fade into big, ugly cries because hands are completely frozen. My kids always think they don’t want or need their gloves – I try to tell them. It usually starts like this: nice, calm and serene:

IMG_8779and then ends like this, in sheer pain:


But we have fun anyways, and warm up nicely once we are back inside where we decide we will stay forever.


The crazy thing about New Jersey is that a ton of falling snow stops no one. So, we joined the madness and picked up our nephew and grabbed some ice cream yesterday.


In the spirit of Lent, I have decided to “fast” from Facebook and Instagram until Easter. They had become a mindless, fruitless activity to spend all my time scrolling through, so I’m taking a break. It’s so good. Turns out real life around me is just as interesting – if not more. 😉 Thank you, Jesus.

Finally, a friend recently turned me onto a great yoga instructor who I can watch online for free. I am a BEGINNER. So I take it easy, but I really love it. It stretches me out, eases some tension and has become my new hobby.


I’ve been reading Mark 6. It has reminded me that whatever we have to offer – Jesus can multiply it in radical ways. Whether it’s parenting, work, a short video workout or going outside in the freezing snow with three kids. Give what you have to give to the Lord and watch what He can do.


One thought on “Yoga, Freezing Hands and February 14

  1. Love catching up with you through your blog. Really do miss you all even though I didn’t get to see you as much as I should have. It’s good you get out, if you don’t you will go nuts. I remember the long winters in Maine and New York.

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