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MINE! Mine! Mine.

If there is one word I am not quite sure ever helps a situation more than it doesn’t, it’s the word “mine.” This may sound like a trivial statement, especially if you never hear that word. But since I am home most of the time with three little ones who are in the “OH I’M NOT AFRAID TO CALL IT MINE!” stage (I think it’s a stage…) it’s one of the most popular words around this house.

I hear it in the morning, I hear it at lunch time, I hear it in the midst of snack eating and all the rest of the day.

We received this book from a dear friend before we left Dallas. It was a gift to memorialize the precious season of our life when we found out we were having twins. She and her husband recalled the moment when we shared our news. Through tears we recalled the shower she hosted for us and how we could see God’s blessing in all of it. Over our farewell dinner, I quickly read through the pages and we all smiled as we knew in our hearts, that the brothers were very special boys.


When we got to New Jersey, this book quickly became a crowd favorite. Each one of my kids had their favorite page. For one it was the page with the funny potty word. For the other it was the jumping through the puddles page. For the other, well… his favorite was the page that came after this one:


So, sweet, right? Hold, please. Because this is the page he LOVED:


My shall-remain-nameless son loved hearing those words. “Mine!” “No, Mine!” He cracked up and eagerly awaited those words. We all laughed with him, though deep down in my mom heart I knew this was going to be trouble. And, I was right. “Mine!” is not only his favorite word now it has spread like a vicious virus throughout the kids’ vocabulary. Inevitably, if there is a tug-of-war going on with toy in this house BOTH of the participants are screaming, MINE!

And you know what I do in all my infinite maturity, I take it from them and say, “It’s neither of yours! It’s MINE and your father’s!” Feeling a little entitled in the moment, I realize that my heart is pretty similar to theirs. I think it’s mine, so I say it’s mine, all the while NO ONE WINS.

Because when the person who thinks it’s “MINE!” and says it’s “MINE!” and takes ownership of it as though it was really theirs, we all return back to square one. Nothing learned, nothing gained except for a selfish spirit that is unwilling to share.

And that’s the part of parenting that gets me. I realize that my head stands about three feet over my kids, but my logic, at times, can be at the exact same level as theirs.

Take, for instance, when we moved to New Jersey. Through a series of events only God could orchestrate, we found the cutest rental in the sweetest town, in the best school district and within walking distance to coffee shops and parks. I love it here. Though, I worry sometimes that our landlord may sell the place and we may not be the buyers. And as I entertain the thought of losing this home, I hear a quiet whisper in the back of my mind saying… but it’s mine.

Or my kids. We prayed for our kids and the Lord answered. We trusted him to give them to us and we thanked him when we did, but now, well, I lie awake some nights just praying they are safe and that the Lord will keep them healthy. Because I take complete responsibility for their welfare and my biggest fear is losing them. When I think about my kids I hear that faint whisper… but they’re mine.

Or take my job for instance. Or my health. Or my husband’s health. Or my parent’s health. Or the weather or the success or failure of the flowers I just planted in our backyard. …But, they’re mine. Mine. Mine. I must make sure I do my part to insure that nothing suffers around here.

Just like my two year olds, I have adopted a vocabulary that largely consists of the word, mine. Even if i’m not saying it out loud, I’m thinking it.

And I wish that was the end of the story. Because I know what to do with that. I work hard, I keep my kids in the safest of environments, I sleep with one eye open, whatever it takes. But, I’ll be darned if that isn’t the end of the story.

As a believer, it’s certainly not the end of the story.

Because I hear one more voice.

And it’s not mine.

It’s a faint whisper that I can’t ignore.

And it’s the Lord…


It’s all mine.

Everything over and under the sun, is mine. As creator of the heavens and the earth, not one hair on a soul’s head is unknown to me. 

God’s “Mine” is not like ours. It’s a holy, righteous, and pure “mine” that comes with loving authority that promises he’s got this. The whole world is in his hands. My child. Your child. My hopes and dreams. Your hopes and dreams. My health, your health. Your sadness. My fears. There is nothing that is not known to him.

As a parent, this will be my biggest battle. But really, as a believer, this has always been my biggest battle. BELIEVING God when he says in Psalm 24:1, “The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, the world, and all who dwell in it.” 

My two-year-old sons say “MINE!” My daughter says “Mine!” I say “Mine!”

But God says “Mine. period.”

The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, the world, and all who dwell in it.

What does it mean? It means I must release my grip of all that I think is mine – and like a two year old – share all that I think is mine with the one who gave it. With every effort I make to control or protect, I have to acknowledge that the earth is the Lord’s and everyone in it. That I am not the one in control, as much as I think I am.

The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, the world, and all who dwell in it.

It means saying “Mine!” less and saying, “It’s Yours, Lord,” more.

Thy will be done. Not mine.


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