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Looking for God

With summer winding down, it’s still easy for us to tap into the way we felt when we were somewhere heavenly for vacation. It’s still fresh. We can still smell the salty air and feel the cold water splash on our face when our kids jumped into pools to rinse off the beach sand. We can still smell the charcoal lighting and the grilled salmon wafting through the air to greet us as we opened the backdoor to set the patio table. Perhaps you can still feel the satisfaction you felt as you and your family canoed yourselves to a private island for camping. Or perhaps it’s still quite fresh how summer was filled with work or heat or days that drug on. Or a cross-country move.

Whatever your summer experience, it is likely that its impact is still fresh.


You don’t have to look at pictures yet to be reminded.

You just know. You were just there.

Only a fool could forget so soon.

But, you know, in just a few months. Or weeks. Or hours, as summer turns back to school and vacation becomes only a faint memory.


How many pictures did you see this summer of calm waters with Scripture or captions that declared how great our God is? It’s so beautiful to see God like that, but it’s a lot harder to see God in the day to day. The muck and mire. When homework is due and your kid hasn’t even begun. When your toddlers are happy to pour out all the legos all over the floor and cry when you tell them to clean them up. When the best view you have out your window is watching construction sites (trash men) go by? It’s just hard to see God in it. But does it have to be?

I think it’s why we are quick to forget God or wonder where he’s gone.

Because without a beach scene, it’s hard to see him.

But he’s there.

He’s always there.

And days can seem lame or helpless or void without him.

We can look for God every day. With or without an ocean and, the best part is, we can usually find him.

Recently in the news, when the Internet was bombarded with scandalous Planned Parenthood videos and the unwarranted death of Cecil the Lion, two teenage fishermen were declared missing. Austin and Perry’s boat was found capsized and “the boys were last seen heading out of Jupiter Inlet on Friday, July 24.” For seven days, the Coast Guard searched high and low for these boys. Volunteers offered their time and resources to fly private planes to look for the two boys. People scoured the shoreline from Tequesta, FL up the east coast in search for any signs of these two boys. On Saturday, August 8, the families called off the search.

It is a heart-wrenching and tragic story. My heart breaks for their families and I long for those two boys to be found alive.

My prayers are with them as they grieve the loss of their sons. But I imagine the mothers of those boys will never give up their search.

And like a mother searching for her lost son, the Lord of heaven and earth looks for you.

This is the beautiful part of looking for God. Is that he is looking for you. He wants you to find him. He’s not hiding behind a wall or a bush or a lost relative just hoping you don’t find Him.

In fact, Jesus came to earth to pursue us. To become like us so that we could identify with him and he with us.

God looks for you and hopes you find Him in more than sunsets.

I would imagine hundreds of thousands of viewers today saw God today whether they were looking for Him or not as they listened to Kathie Lee on Kathie Lee and Hoda. (click here for video!)

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 1.30.36 PM

This week:

  • Keep your eyes open
  • Keep your ears open
  • Look for signs of God’s love for you
  • Listen for words that speak truth to you and over you. That give you a new hope. 

Let’s look for God this week especially. See what we can find.

Then let’s share with one another our discoveries! As we share our findings with one another we are all encouraged. We can see God through one another, too! Perhaps you could tell your neighbor or your husband or your kids tonight over dinner.

Praying for us all that “[our] eyes would see, [our] eyes would hear, [our] minds would understand, and [we] would turn to God…” – Matthew 13:15b (abbreviated)

And as you look for him, don’t forget that He is looking for you!


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