Emmy Talk – Short and Sweet

What made the Emmys fun to watch for me . . . Maggie Gylenhaal’s dress, Amy Poehler’s hoodie, Ricky Gervais’ “Acceptance” pic, John Hamm’s climb, and Tracy Morgan. Always good to see Tina Fey! She didn’t have a huge role, but as anyone who has ever read a blog post of mine knows, I want to work… Continue reading Emmy Talk – Short and Sweet

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What To Do While We Wait (and wait, and wait.)

Have you ever found yourself waiting? You know, for the mail to come? Your Amazon delivery to arrive? Maybe for a mildly boring part of a movie so you can bolt to the bathroom? Maybe you’re waiting for preschool to start back (YES, I KNOW I’M THE LAST ONE WHOSE KIDS ARE RETURNING TO SCHOOL IN… Continue reading What To Do While We Wait (and wait, and wait.)