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What To Do While We Wait (and wait, and wait.)

Have you ever found yourself waiting?

You know, for the mail to come? Your Amazon delivery to arrive? Maybe for a mildly boring part of a movie so you can bolt to the bathroom? Maybe you’re waiting for preschool to start back (YES, I KNOW I’M THE LAST ONE WHOSE KIDS ARE RETURNING TO SCHOOL IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.), or for a person to call you back.

What is it about waiting that makes waiting feel so … long? What is it that makes us borderline obsess over the meaning of time? Like, does it even have any value or can the world possibly join in with me in moving its clocks forward to speed up time to make things happen faster? What is it about waiting that can make some of us … lunatics?

Or anxious?

Or impatient?

Or perhaps it makes some of us pull back. Retreat. Quiet ourselves until we know the results.

There is something about waiting that surfaces in us what we can otherwise hide in an instant gratification world. Shoot. If you feel like it, you can post something on Facebook and wait a few minutes for a kind, generous soul to “like” a pic. We don’t have to wait and wonder if anyone would ever like that pic. We can text and get responses quickly. We can think to ourselves,”Man, I’d love to watch some [Madmen, House of Cards, Property Brothers, The Incredible Kimmy Schmidt, The Office, whatever!] and bam! Thanks to the Internet, it’s there.

We really don’t have to wait for unimportant things anymore.

When you think about it, the things we get instantly, really aren’t THAT important.

My son is forced to wait for the trash man to come:


He sees the trash man coming!


But waiting is still something that we have to endure. For all of us, there is something we wait for. I keep waiting for Tina Fey to call and offer me a job. But gee whiz. I’ll likely never hear from her. Also, my sister in law gave me these hand-me-down high tops from my niece Gracie a few years ago – and FINALLY – the day arrived. We had to wait for O’s feet to grow. And here they are!


But, still. For some, there are far more serious things for which you wait. Test results. To hear heart beats. To see the face of the baby you’ve carried for so long. For the purchase of a home. Or for the pain you feel to go away.

And those days can seem like an eternity.

Are you waiting for something?

How are you holding up?

Most recently, I have been inspired to no end by someone close to me who has shown me the better way. She’s inspired me to have a new outlook in the waiting, even when you know – or don’t know – how it’s going to end.

She enjoyed every minute of it.

She embraced the waiting, the hours and the days and the time in the waiting, and she smiled. She laughed. She documented and embraced the waiting. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

Also, recently, my husband Chris (Radio Host of The Friends of Israel Today show) interviewed a very special friend of mine (also, my best friend’s aunt) who lost her daughter (and my friend), Meagan, to a drunk driving accident. Renee Napier shares how she found hope in her lamenting, and how she had to keep on going and getting out of bed – for the living. She had three children who still needed her. Please take a moment to listen to their interview here. So worth it!

My belief is on this side of heaven, we will always be waiting for something. And while we wait, we must not equate it to not being free. We are still free to live. To embrace what we have, the people we have, the God that loves us so very much. We are FREE to enjoy our favorite music and serve our neighbors and share our lives with those around us. Our waiting is not for nothing. We must keep living while we wait. For whatever it is. For whatever you are looking for or the answers you are trying to find.

So much of life is an opportunity to turn our hearts to the One who holds the whole world in his hands.

What should we do while we wait?

Keep living.

Don’t stop. 

Don’t give up.

There are so many who are waiting today.

Please know, what i’m about to say is in jest, because some of us are waiting for some really, real things. But, in my stay-at-home-mom-so-many-young-kids-who-need-something-else-to-do-world, we have watched week after week so many kids returning to school. And boy has it made us itch for ours to start. We had to wait and wait, but it’s happening though. NEXT WEEK.

Though, in the meantime, we went to the beach, and found a real jewel of a place to run around and splash. And that was good for all of us.


May we all continue living in the midst of waiting.

Psalms 130:5-6 “I wait for the LORD,  my soul waits, and in his word I hope; my soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning, more than watchmen for the morning.”

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND. Get outside, breathe in that air, and thank the Lord for another day.



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