Emmy Talk – Short and Sweet

What made the Emmys fun to watch for me . . .

Maggie Gylenhaal’s dress, Amy Poehler’s hoodie, Ricky Gervais’ “Acceptance” pic, John Hamm’s climb, and Tracy Morgan.

Always good to see Tina Fey! She didn’t have a huge role, but as anyone who has ever read a blog post of mine knows, I want to work for Tina Fey. (If I was being completely honest I’d like to be the Christian, stay-at-home mom form of Tina Fey.) Not that I have any idea what working for her would look like, but everything about being a hard-working, writing, funny mom appeals to me.

I loved watching Amy Poehler last night. I loved the hoodie and the gold rings and sunglasses as they flashed to Amy for her nomination. Apparently I’m not alone in this feeling.


And I LOVED Ricky Gervais’s montage predicting how he won’t win. But that it won’t really matter because after a few days, people will forget, and everyone will think that he won an Emmy anyways. I mean, that is good stuff. So, I think based on this picture, he did actually win.


The best kind of humor is when clearly talented people can laugh at themselves and make the rest of us at home feel connected. (I mean beautiful, award-winning people are great, too, they just kinda make us feel a little more disconnected if they’re not funny.) HA!

But my favorite moment of the night was when Tracy Morgan walked on the stage. After years and years of 30 Rock watching, seeing him felt like a moment. After his very serious and tragic accident, it’s always relieving to see someone walk again. But in that moment, I loved the pan to Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski’s faces as they watched their friend speak. It was good.


My other favorite moment was Jon Hamm climbing onto the stage in the same clumsy, full body way one of my two year old sons would.


I was laughing a lot.

But, the dresses. Some were like, eh. While others were like, ahhhh.

My favorite:

Maggie Gynlenhaal’s dress. I just think she is the cutest! And this dress, boasting a hugely purpley flow was just right. Though I already saw her listed as one of the worst-dressed. OH WELL.


And jeepers, so many shows I haven’t even seen, so I can’t speak to those winners or what the shows stood for. But I know one thing, it must feel good to win an Emmy.

I loved Andy Samberg, too.

Ok, that’s it! What about you?


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