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So Long, Sweet Summer. Now, Go.

I mean this, of course, in the nicest way.

And of course, I presume that those who love summer and all that it offers have a well-balanced aging of children, likely only one three year old boy. Or fewer kids with strong personalities. I also assume those who love summer are mild-mannered in nature, have raised mild-mannered children who enjoy the art and beauty of staring at the waves rolling in. Not wanting to test every limit, every wave, every depth of the ocean before them. I assume those who are sad that summer has to end were able to keep the appropriate number of goggles, for the appropriate number of children in need at all times. And found a way to relax while their three year old always found himself tip-toed up to the bitter end of the deepest side of the shallow part of the pool. Imagine just eye balls and a nose poking out of the water. All summer long.


I imagine those who are sad summer has to end had a fairly decent summer fun budget. Were able to get away to the mountains, or the ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. Instead of pumping up the twenty dollar blow up pool from Christmas Tree Shops that churned out algae and pink mold after a day or so of basking in the sun – that took at least forty-five minutes to empty and hand wash. On fun days, cleaning got so soapy and the kids got so slide-y on it, that one of my babes landed on his nose to which streams of blood flowed down.


Why’s everyone so sad about summer ending?

I presume those who are sad have older children who they don’t see much during the year. Or have children that listen to them. Or didn’t have to wait panicked while one stepped onto and went up on an elevator all by his three-year-old self. As my sister screamed to him and he screamed back through the walls, “Sue Sue, come get me.” He was found unscathed on the fifth floor.


Perhaps people are sad because the routine of school can get to be too much. Or homework. Or school projects. Or soccer games. Perhaps summer is a good break for you who are sad to see it go.

Or perhaps it’s because their children learned to play together better this summer because the summer fun budget was low. Or they got to spend more time with out-of-town family this summer than ever before. Maybe they took karate for the first time. Karate-chopped a board. Learned how to swim. Welcomed new neighbors to the street. (After having to say goodbye to dear, dear friends.) Maybe the ones who love it only focus on the good days, like when you saw the sunset in the west on the east coast beach.


Maybe you saw a desire to be a Dinosaur paleontologist grow in one of your sons, and a love for new adventures in the other. Maybe there were more days than not that your kids didn’t go past the designated stop signs in your front yard. Or you shared a laugh when Daddy and Mommy rode on the same bike together. Or maybe you met your newest nephew.


Maybe they’re sad because they know what’s on the other side of summer. School. Schedule. Routines.

I, for one, am ready for summer to say farewell. School will be a great fall start for my kids, for my work schedule. More consistency and more  moments alone to paint a bedroom or the trim of our staircase. Or my nails. It will be good. Crisp, fall air and evenings on the porch will be really good.

But, there were moments this summer that can help me see why some might be sad to see it go. And probably, in a few short weeks, when we’re waking up to the morning hustle of getting out the door, I’ll long for summer to come back. And regret slamming the door in its sunny, hot face when it was time to go.


But for now. Here’s to two more weeks of #summer. Blessed, blessed summer.

How was yours? (Be honest!! I won’t be jealous. promise. well, maybe a little.) XO




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