About Karen

Hello! My name is Karen and I am a full-time mom and a part-time Independent Writer and Marketing Strategist.

12047156_10153973832700353_7983915624407739245_nAs a 30-something (a lady never tells but it’s closer to 30 than 40 for now), I am re-learning things that I thought I had always known. And as I process life through the lens of a Christian woman TRYING to live a godly life, I find that it’s best to share that the journey is often harder – or more surprising – than it looks.

I want to keep it real. No time for faking. Life is tough. God is good. And life is also short which is why we must live our every moments with God’s best in mind.

My inspirations are: Jesus, 30 Rock, good music, my husband, fresh air, cute homes, and my babies.

My undergraduate degree is in Marketing from the University of Central Florida, 2003. I received a Masters of Christian Education with an emphasis in Women’s Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary, 2010.


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