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Grateful to be interviewed by my super star bestie, Abigail Spencer, on!  “3 Incredibly Inspiring Boy Moms Share Their Secrets” … and how cool is it that our other bestie, Jourdan Johnson, gives her thoughts, too? This was so fun!


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I was so honored to be the first mom interviewed for #familyfriday on our dear friends’ blog! “#FamilyFriday in Jersey | Karen Katulka”  Keep an eye on their blog – – to see beautiful images and more encouraging words.


So grateful for April Wade and her beautiful company, Mary Henry. I was honored to write the stories of women who’s lives reveal God’s healing and merciful hand in times that otherwise seemed unredeemable. Be encouraged.

Read Rayne’s Story, on drug addiction and recovery

Read Sophie’s Story, on surviving brain cancer

Read Andi’s Story, on infertility and adoption



Loved having the opportunity to share a snapshot of what a day in our lives with twins and a toddler looked like. So fun!

Click here to read “Mommy Diaries: A Day in the Life of Karen Katulka”


Other Clients Include:

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I had the privilege of writing all the content/copy for the entire Sardone Construction website. Additionally, I managed the content development, wrote, edited and published the blog posts for the majority of 2014 and 2015.

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